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Plum Protect-A-Cap

Plum Protect-A-Cap


ProtectaCap® is the simple solution to to the serious problem of head injuries and solves the problem of compliance difficulties with protective headgear. It’s lightweight, custom fit adds comfort, not stress. ProtectaCap is fully encased in the finest fabrics, putting only soft cotton next to your head, not plastic, vinyl, leather or latex rubber.

ASTM proven superior for impact absorption and compression/recovery ratio, ProtectaCap is prescribed by leading neurosurgeons for: Epilepsy, Shunts, Post Brain Surgery, Huntington’s disease, Cerebral Palsy, Missing Bones, Hermophilia, Parkinson’s, Autism, Craniosynostosis, Ataxia, Hypotonia, and Balance Disorders.

ProtectaCap is rugged and dependable. Made with materials engineered specifically for superior impact absorption and tensile strength, ProtectaCap will not crack despite multiple impacts and cannot be picked apart like other helmets. And it’s anti-bacterial!

ProtectaCap conforms and adapts to each head better than custom-molded helmets – at a fraction of the cost. Its unique design will not slide around, shift weight or add danger like hard or preformed helmets.

If you are interested in purchasing, contact Statina Healthcare Australia via our contact page or call us on 1300 365 404.

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