Manual Handling

People in the healthcare profession often use their bodies to push, pull, move, carry, lower and hold patients all day, everyday. This repetitive activity of muscle exertion puts strain on them that may lead to future health problems.

Statina’s manual handling products help minimise the risk of harm by alleviating the amount of pressure needed to move patients so healthcare professionals can continue caring for their patients without suffering long term muscle deterioration and other associated health problems.

The HoverMatt is an air-assisted lateral transfer system designed to help clinicians safely move patients from one surface to another.
The HoverJack is an air-assisted patient lifting device that allows caregivers to safely lift patients up to 545 kg who have fallen, without gathering a lift team.
HoverApps are air assisted devices designed to help clinicians safely position patients for optimal care. HoverApps are useful in the safe positioning of bariatric patients.
HoverMatt Accessories
HoverMatt Accessories
Raizer Lifting Chair
Raizer Lifting Chair, can lift a fallen person to their feet within minutes.
Slide Sheets
Slide Sheets
Transfer Devices
Transfer Devices
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