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Lidergrip (Latex Free)

Lidergrip (Latex Free)


Once Lidergrip is applied, the covered elastic threads, which run through the bandage, move freely giving uniform pressure. Freedom of movement is guaranteed for the patient. The bandage is quick and easy to apply. Unlike conventional crepe bandages, Lidergrip stays securely in place without the need for pins or tape. The bandage can be re-applied after washing, without loss of pressure. Lidergrip is particularly useful for ambulant patients and outpatients. Since the correct length of required bandage is cut from the roll, Lidergrip reduces wastage.

Lidergrip should be applied in a double layer to ensure adequate pressure. On application the upper edge of the outer layer is taken 2-3 cm higher up the limb than the inner layer.


Usage and applications for Lidergrip Latex Free:

  • Support and rehabilitation

  • Treatment of strains and sprains

  • Mild skin lesions

  • Dislocated joints

  • Burn scarring

  • Thorax lesions




Manufactured from 88% cotton, 7% polyester and 5% elastomer (LATEX FREE). Provides uniform and prolonged pressure over the part of the body where the bandage is applied.

If you are interested in purchasing, contact Statina Healthcare Australia via our contact page or call us on 1300 365 404.

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