HoverJack Air Assisted Lifting Device




The HoverJack is an air-assisted patient lifting device that allows caregivers to safely lift patients up to 545 kg who have fallen, without gathering a lift team. The HoverJack consists of four chambers that are inflated sequentially to lift patients from the floor to bed or stretcher height in a supine position, maximising patient comfort and minimising the risk of injury to both patient and caregivers.

The HoverJack Evacuation I & II are specialty lifting devices designed to help emergency services to safely lift and transport patients down stairwells and across surfaces. The HoverJack Evacuation II is specifically designed to evacuate bariatric patients up to a weight limit of 544 kg.

Once the HoverJack is inflated, the HoverMatt air transfer mattress can be used with the same air supply unit for safe and easy lateral patient transfer to a bed or stretcher.

HoverJack Air Patient Lift
HoverJack Evacuation
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Air Supply 2300
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