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Helipad Retrieval / Concealment Trolley

Helipad Retrieval / Concealment Trolley


The Helipad Retrieval Trolley is designed to achieve ease of transfer from helicopter to trolley. It overcomes difficult terrain, ramps and all types of walkways to and from the heliport.

The MotorDrive system can be raised or lowered with the push of a button to enhance mobility in tight or confined spaces.

The high/low actuators give the bed 400mm of movement, which when tested by Air Ambulance NSW, allowed for direct patient transfer from, helicopter to trolley. Drop away side rails and a removable end rail allows for unrestricted access to the patient or trolley surface.

If you are interested in purchasing, contact Statina Healthcare Australia via our contact page or call us on 1300 365 404.

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