Fire + Evacuation

The Fire & Evacuation product portfolio from Statina provides a range of evacuation mats, ski sheets and air-assisted evacuation devices that enable emergency services, ambulance and hospital staff to safely evacuate patients. We offer a range of evacuation solutions that are capable of lifting and transporting bariatric patients up to 544 kg. Statina’s range also features a variety of spill kits and body fluid solidifiers to control chemical spills and other infection control concerns arising from evacuation situations.

We also offer the unique Smoking Apron product, a fireproof garment designed to product smokers with limited mobility from accidental harm.

Smoking Apron
Smoking apron, to protect smokers from injury.
Evac+Slide Ski Sheet
Evac and Slide Ski Sheet
AlbacMat Emergency Rescue Mat
AlbacMat Emergency Rescue Mat
Bariatric EvacMat
Bariatric EvacMat, emergency rescue mat.
Evacuation HoverJack
Evacuation HoverJack, Emergency air assisted lifting device.
Body Fluid Cleaners
Body Fluid Cleaners
Chemical Spill Kits
Chemical Spill Kits
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