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Ergo Kneeler



The ErgoKneeler™ is a dynamic kneeling system that can provide comfort, support and ease of movement across a range of low working positions for people who undertake tasks at a low height. 

The ErgoKneeler™ is a uniquely profiled kneeling pad and stool integrated into a single piece of equipment. The ergonomic design alleviates the compression forces and postural discomfort associated with kneeling or squatting and promotes good spinal posture. To facilitate optimum posture and comfort for the individual, the position of the stool is adjustable.

Introducing a new dynamic approach to low height working, the ErgoKneeler™ reduces the need for prolonged static postures by enabling the user free movement across a range of functional and balanced low working positions whilst carrying out a task. Frequent movement and changes to position throughout the duration of a task helps alleviate the damaging musculoskeletal stresses and pressures that can result from static kneeling or squatting.

Moulded in sealed polyurethane foam, the ErgoKneeler™ has smooth lines and is easy to clean. To promote infection prevention an active antimicrobial additive is incorporated throughout the foam and within the product’s tough lacquer coating. The product labelling and the specialist areas providing slip resistance on the underside are also antimicrobial.

The ergonomic design: 

  • Supports the knees and ankles away from their end of range position, reducing stress on muscles and joint structures. The support to ankles also frees the feet to move during kneeling, promoting circulation.

  • Supports body weight, relieving the compression forces on the joints and tissues in the lower limbs.

  • Cushions the knees against the hard floor. The long mats provide protection and a clean kneeling surface for the entire length of the lower legs.

  • Positions the pelvis to promote natural spinal curves, reducing both static muscle tension and the stressing of spinal structures. To achieve optimum spinal posture, the task must be undertaken at around the waist height of the user. For example, a limb support or low stool can position a client’s leg at a suitable height for a nurse to carry out leg dressings.

  • Facilitates positioning of the task close to user, reducing the need to stoop or overreach.

  • Enables movement between full kneeling, half kneeling (alternating sides) and sitting, the user being able to maintain a secure, balanced low working position throughout the task. Frequent changes of position helps maintain flexibility of soft tissues, promotes circulation and reduces the build up of pressure through the knees that results from prolonged static kneeling.

If you are interested in purchasing, contact Statina Healthcare Australia via our contact page or call us on 1300 365 404.

About the ErgoKneeler

About the ErgoKneeler

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