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EZ Way Smart Stand

EZ Way Smart Stand


 The EZ Way Smart Stand® is the highest weight capacity sit-to-stand lifter on the market today. Designed to facilitate hygiene tasks and pivot transfers for the weight bearing bariatric patient, it can also be used for assisted transfers to and from a bed, chair/commode and an ambulation aid for rehabilitation exercises. 

The EZ Way Smart Stand® proprietary circuit board system includes features to provide customers with added intelligence and safety features including: 

Backlit LCD screen 

During operation, the LCD screen is illuminated for ease in viewing lift readout information. 

Usage time captured 

Lift usage time is captured in minutes, great for tracking frequency of use. 

Overload protection 

Should the actuator be overloaded due to lifting excess weight, lifting against an obstruction, or mechanical failure, “Actuator Overload” will appear on the LCD screen, the stand will cease lifting, and will only lower. A great feature to protect both patients and the lift. 

Weight Overload 

This feature will display “Weight Overload” on the LCD screen and will only allow the stand arms to lower. 

Weight recall 

On the stand the scales retain the last weight taken until a new weight is taken, allowing caregivers easy reference in busy working environments. 

Smart Stand® Applications: 

  • Designed to facilitate toileting and conducting pivot transfers for weight bearing patients. 

  • Transfer patients to/from bed, commode, wheelchair or chair. 

  • Ambulation feature for therapy applications. 

  • Patients allowed to stand safely and securely, increasing muscle strength and circulation. 

If you are interested in purchasing, contact Statina Healthcare Australia via our contact page or call us on 1300 365 404.

​Product Features: 

  • 10 Year Frame / 3 Year Component Warranty 

  • Highest Weight Capacities in the Industry 

  • 3 Position Base Opening for Function Around Wheelchair, Chair and Commode 

  • Battery Powered; Always Available for Use 

  • Pneumatic Hand Control 

  • Digital Scale 

  • Adjustable Shin Pad and Footplate 

  • Redundant Controls 

  • Emergency Stop Safety Control 

  • Emergency Lowering Option 

  • Includes 2 Batteries, Remote Charger and One Harness 

  • Safe Working Load: 350kg

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