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Bure Rise & Go StandTall Walker

Bure Rise & Go StandTall Walker

Invest in staff wellbeing

The Bure Rise & Go is a cost-effective walker enhanced with a patented power rise function. Thanks to the electric power rise function, Bure Rise & Go becomes a combined stand-up, mobility and walking aid all in one single product.

If you are interested in purchasing, contact Statina Healthcare Australia via our contact page or call us on 1300 365 404.

Product Features:


The Bure Rise & Go enables better work ergonomics for carers, trainers and anyone else working with patients. Thanks to the smart power rise assistance, standing up becomes a safe, confident and natural action that does not wear out the backs of health care personnel.


  • The walker has anatomical cushions that provide relief for shoulders, arms and the neck and shift the focus to larger muscle groups such as leg and chest muscles instead. This improves stability and makes the walker easier to steer.

  • Bure Rise & Go is a unique aid for assisting patients or users during the standing manoeuvre. Personnel burdens, and thus repetitive strain injuries, are minimised.

  • Bure Rise & Go’s anatomically designed armrests can be folded out to provide the user with an easy means of reaching the handles during the standing manoeuvre.

  • The power rise harness is designed to reach as far down across the bottom as possible. This provides optimum support which results in a natural standing action.

  • Bure Rise & Go is fitted with leg supports that make for a better standing manoeuvre; they are height adjustable and can be moved aside simply to create greater space.

  • Ergonomically designed handles that are steplessly adjustable in every direction for optimum individual adaptation. This is extremely important for stroke patients who can thus reach their ”usual” hand position.

  • The hand controls are located such that both of the carer’s or user’s hands can easily reach them.

  • The walker is designed to last a long while. For example it has extra reinforcement bands around the arm rest cushions to prevent them from splitting from impacts to the side.

  • All Bure Rise & Go electrical components have IP 66 international protection ratings and can therefore be used in wet spaces.


Length: 92cm

Width, External: 787m

Height: 97 – 137cm

Max User Weight: 150kg

Armrest/Internal Dimension: 34 – 67cm

Accessories (not included)

FootPlate Rise & Go – one size, max user weight 150kg

Harness – Available in Small (95 – 105cm), Medium (105 – 120cm), Large (110 – 140cm) and XLarge (130 – 180cm)

GATE Bure Rise & Go English

GATE Bure Rise & Go English

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