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Aliviovisco Fix

Aliviovisco Fix


Aliviovisco Fix memory foam with hypoallergenic water-based adhesive is a line of viscoelastic foam products for use in the prevention of pressure ulcers (pressure sores). It comes in pads or rolls which allows for cutting the required size and is easily applied to any part of the body without the use of additional bandaging or other fixative devices such as plaster or bandages.

Usage and applications for Aliviovisco Fix:

  • Protection and cushioning

  • Pressure relief on any part of the body

  • Pressure relief during surgical procedures

  • Pressure relief on body parts affected by use of external medical apparatus


Composition and characteristics:

Aliviovisco® Fix is made of porous polyurethane foam with a 50kg/m3 density and 4.3Kpa firmness. The adhesive is water based making it suitable for contact with skin.

  • Very breathable material due to the porous nature of the polyurethane used

  • Heat sensitive

  • Allows for gradual recovery

  • Even pressure distribution

  • Adaptable to any part of the body

  • CE Class product suitable for contact with skin

  • Non sterile product

  • Not recommended for use on open wounds


Aliviovisco® memory foam certifications:

  • Certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I for absence of harmful substances conforming to requirements applicable to products intended for babies up to 2 years

  • Certificate HYG-CEN certifying non-cytotoxicity of medical products, according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5, 1999-11 and biological evaluation of medical products Part 5 of cytotoxicity test, SOP09-001

  • Product VERY BREATHABLE according to water vapour resistance testing (UNE EN 31092:1996) Aitex

  • Withstands washing at to 60 ºC, using neutral low foam detergent, no wringing or using spin cycle. It is recommended that washing be done using mesh laundry bag or laundry bag specifically designed for viscoelastic products.


If you are interested in purchasing, contact Statina Healthcare Australia via our contact page or call us on 1300 365 404.

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