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12" Ab Binder - 4 Panels

12" Ab Binder - 4 Panels


This extra support abdominal binder by Isavela is 12 inches (30.5cm) wide, ideal for patients looking for that extra coverage and support. Made with four panels, and comes in sizes Small/Medium, or Large/Extra Large. Suitable for men and women. Available in white only.

  • Made up of four 3" panels (12" wide) for better flexibility which helps the skin fit better to its new contours.

  • Improves blood circulation, minimises swelling after the procedure, flushes the body out of potentially harmful fluids, accelerates the healing process, and allows the patient to return to daily routines sooner. 

  • Constructed with woven elastic anti-roll material for more durable compression and performance. 

  • Features a soft plush side that feels comfortable against the skin.  

  • Has a hook engageable material on the outside enables you to adjust the right amount of pressure or support you feel most comfortable with. It also allows the Velcro to attach anywhere on the binder for precise fit and even compression.

  • Gives a soft & flexible Velcro hook for a tight snug fit that lasts. 

  • 100% Latex Free.

Available in White Only.

If you are interested in purchasing, contact Statina Healthcare Australia via our contact page or call us on 1300 365 404.

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