HoverMatt Air Transfer System


The HoverMatt Reusable air transfer system is the number one choice of hospitals for lateral patient transfers and patient repositioning. When inflated, a cushion of air beneath the mattress enables caregivers to safely transfer patients without lifting or straining. By reducing injuries related to lateral transfers and repositioning, the HoverMatt® Reusable air transfer system helps to improve staff retention while meeting legislative guidelines for safe patient handling.

The HoverMatt transfer mattress also gives your patient more comfort and safety, with reduced skin shear and bruising.

The HoverMatt Lateral Transfer (Reusable)  is available in four different sizes: 28″, 34″, 39″ and 50″. It comes in Double Coated, Heat Sealed and Stitched finishes.


    • Improves patient and caregiver safety and comfort during transfers
    • Reduces skin shear and bruising
    • Heat-sealed construction eliminates needle holes to remove potential bacterial entryways
    • Ideal for use in any patient care department
    • Radiolucent/MRI compatible
    • Double-coated option offers fluid and stain resistance, making it ideal for the OR or Labour & Delivery
    • Available in multiple styles and widths to accommodate all patient sizes
    • Variable speed air supply allows for rapid inflation
    • Weight limit: 544kg

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Clinical Environments

Clinical Environments:

    • Emergency Medical Services
    • ICU/CCU
    • Labour & Delivery
    • Bariatric Care
    • MedSurg
    • Radiology
    • Wound Care
    • Emergency Room
    • Operating Room
Technical Specifications

Heat-Sealed Version Construction
Material: Nylon twill
Seams: RF Welding on all seams
Latex free

Available in Four Sizes
71cm W x 198cm L – MHHT-HMHS-28
86cm W x 198cm L – MHHT-HMHS-34
99cm W x 198cm L – MHHT-HMHS-39
127cm W x 198cm L – MHHT-HMHS-50

Double-Coated Version Construction
Material: Nylon twill with
silica polyurethane coating
on patient side
Seams: RF Welding on all seams

Available in Four Sizes
71cm W x 198cm L – MHHT-HMDC-28
86cm W x 198cm L – MHHT-HMDC-34
99cm W x 198cm L – MHHT-HMDC-39
127cm W x 198cm L – MHHT-HMDC-50

Both Compatible with HoverTech Air Supplies
MHHT-AIR2300 (Variable Speed – 230 V)

Weight Capacity

544 kg

Product CodeProduct NameModelWidthQty
MHHT-HMDC-28HoverMatt Lateral Transfer Double Coated28″Each
MHHT-HMDC-34HoverMatt Lateral Transfer Double Coated34″Each
MHHT-HMDC-39HoverMatt Lateral Transfer Double Coated39″Each
MHHT-HMDC-50HoverMatt Lateral Transfer Double Coated50″Each
MHHT-HMHS-28HoverMatt Lateral Transfer Heat Sealed28″Each
MHHT-HMHS-34HoverMatt Lateral Transfer Heat Sealed34″Each
MHHT-HMHS-39HoverMatt Lateral Transfer Heat Sealed39″Each
MHHT-HMHS-50HoverMatt Lateral Transfer Heat Sealed50″Each
MHHT-HM-34HoverMatt Lateral Transfer Stitched34″Each

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