The Number #1 Air-Assisted Lateral Transfer Device

The HoverMatt is an air-assisted lateral transfer system designed to help clinicians safely move patients weighing up to 544 kg from one surface to another. It is the number one choice of Australian hospitals for the safe manual handling of bariatric patients. Please click on the product images below to learn more and view video demonstrations of how the HoverMatt can be used to meet your facility’s patient handling needs.

The HoverMatt Lateral Transfer Device works well when used with the following products:

  • Use with the HoverJack to safely lift patients to bed or table height
  • Use with the HT Roller and HT Wedge for safer patient positioning

HoverMatt Product Comparison

ModelAvailable TypesAvailable WidthsUses
HoverMattReusable and SPU28″, 34″, 39″, 50″Versatile uses; meets hospital infection control standards
HoverMatt MiniReusable and SPU34″, 39″Shorter length HoverMatt for use in the OR with specialty tables as well as in Labour and Delivery
HoverMatt Split-LegReusable and SPU34″Split-leg HoverMatt for use in the lithotomy position or on surgical tables when the split-leg plates are employed
Air Supply 2300Variable speed air supply designed to inflate HoverMatt, HoverJack and HoverApp products

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