AlbacMat Emergency Rescue Mat

The AlbacMat is an affordable evacuation tool for Hospitals and Nursing Home.

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The AlbacMat is constructed from customised materials – including polypropylene board and a lightweight canvas material. These materials have been extensively tested in all types of situations (including strength, flame and heat conducted by CSIRO). The AlbacMat is manufactured to Australian Standards 2755 and has the CE mark (Class I).

The polypropylene board acts as an insulator to the patient and absorbs any concussions incurred while in transit. It also enables the AlbacMat to ‘glide’ over all types of surfaces. this includes carpet and vinyl, as well as concrete, bitumen and grass, making it simple and easy for rescuers, while being comfortable for the patient.

  • Tapered for patient comfort
  • Easily accessible dual straps for securing the patient
  • Fluorescent yellow straps for detection in dim lighting
  • Foot rest pocket for the comfort and security of the patient
  • Simple instructions are clearly visible on the self storage pocket
  • Three separate handles for individual rescuer’s requirements
  • Insulated board provides patient protection from uncomfortable surfaces
  • Patient can remain on the AlbacMat until the danger has passed and still be treated if required
  • Handles provide excellent control on staircases
  • Compact design makes storage easy
How does it work?

Simply, the AlbacMat is a Emergency rescue mat designed to slide over all types of surfaces. It is a stretcher like design, with polypropylene filling that when in storage is half the size of a rolled up sleeping bag. Constructed with heat resistant material it is moved by a rescuer – enabling rescues to be performed as fast as physically possible.

The AlbacMat has been designed with Safety, for both the rescuer and patient being of paramount importance.

The ability of the AlbacMat to travel easily over most surfaces – including stairs, carpet and concrete – allows for improved efficiency when evacuating a facility.

Single person operation…
Evacuations can be performed by one person per patient in most situations which is essential when time is critical.

Use in any location…
The AlbacMat is totally independent of its environment. It does not matter where the patient may be – in bed, the bathroom or the corridor, they can still be placed onto the AlbacMat and taken to safety.

Ready for instant use…
It’s compact, self storage and lightweight design means it can be readily available in varying locations for instant usage.

Also Available

AlbacMat Holder

Holds four AlbacMats underneath each other of either size for easy storage & quick access. This can be carried to the emergency site where the four mats are ready to be use immediately.

Product CodeProduct Name
FEAE-AMB-66AlbacMat plus Thermal Blanket 66cm Wide (Weight Limit 475kg)
FEAE-AMB-90AlbacMat plus Thermal Blanket 90cm Wide (Weight Limit 475kg)
FEAE-AMHAlbacMat Holder (Holds 4 Standard Albac Mats)

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