Smart Probe Temperature Monitoring


Temperature recording just got a whole lot easier. The Smart Probe can be used in a wide range of temperature applications, such as in manufacturing processes, cold storage, hot storage etc.
The Smart Probe Data Logger measures the temperature of the environment in which the probe is situated. Data is then transmitted wirelessly via Radio Frequency (RF) to your PC, & tablet and also may be viewed on your smart phone, for on the go monitoring.

Simple plug in/login – Self Installing program.Using your unique password on our website, – login – and from here, customise your own parameters to suit your business. Set-up features include sensor name, high/low and out-of-range alarm settings, setup email address/mobile phone numbers & temperature reading intervals. Alarm warnings are displayed on PC/Android as well as alert notifications being sent to your specified smart phone & email addresses.
Smart Probe saves you time and money by eliminating the need for staff to manually log or download temperatures. It cuts out any chance of false temperature logging, and gives you peace of mind that if any breakdowns occur during close of business, you will be alerted immediately when temperature goes out of your preset range, saving you loss of stock. Keeping track of multiple establishments is at your fingertips – simply login and view each logger –on your smart phone, PC, or android anywhere, anytime.
All data is logged & graphed in real time, downloadable to excel files remotely for ease of use. This also allows you the freedom for your auditors to download the information remotely saving time and expense.


  • Wireless connectivity to PC via RF
  • Measurement range -25°C to +250°C
  • Accuracy +-1°C
  • View and analyse multiple sensors using the PC application, including immediate graphing of historic data
  • Plug in and Login Built in Programming Capability (Easy Operating and
    Programming without manuals) Self Installing – Boots Program Automatically
  • AAA Battery operated – Low Battery Alarm (6 months battery life expectancy)
  • Data logger set-ups: Logger Name, °C/°F, Logging Rate (10s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 30m, 1h, 2hrs, 4hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs) upload frequency, High & Low Alarms, Start Date & Start Time
  • Multiple loggers can run simultaneously showing multiple temperature reading on the one screen
  • 24/7 Monitoring via Smart Probe Server Available – Optional Extra
  • Each Probe is Digitally Serial Numbered
  • Unit Size 90mmx30mmx23mm
  • GPS Tracking Capabilities for Goods in Transit – Optional Extra

With the above specifications this Smart Probe Data Logger is perfect for use in:-

Doctors Surgeries, Medical Centres, Catering Businesses, Cafes, Restaurants, Vaccine Fridges, Blood Transportation, Organ Transportation, Food Storage Facilities, Food Transportation, and many other manufacturing industries.

Product CodeProduct Name
EMSP-MDRG2Smart Probe Master Data Deceiver Gen2
EMSP-DLG2-FRSmart Probe Data Logger Gen2 Fridge
EMSP-DLG2-FSSmart Probe Data Logger Gen2 Food Spike
EMSP-DLG2-WESSmart Probe Data Logger Gen2 Waterproof External Sensor 1m
EMSP-DLG2-CRSmart Probe Data Logger Gen2 Cool Room
EMSP-10-ATDSmart Probe 10″ Android Tablet Domestic
EMSP-ESSL-MSSmart Probe External Sensor Silicon Lead with 150mm Meat Spike
EMSP-DLG2-FZSmart Probe Data Logger Gen2 Freezer
EMSP-DLG2-FZRSmart Probe Data Logger Gen2 Freezer Room
EMSP-TSSmart Probe Tablet Stand
EMSP-SCHSmart Probe S/Steel Carabiner Hooks
EMSP-10ITSmart Probe 10″ Industrial Tablet
EMSP-10IT-BSmart Probe 10″ Industrial Tablet with Battery
EMSP-DLISmart Probe Data Logger for Incubator
EMSP-10IT – GPSSmart Probe 10″ Industrial Android GPS/Simcard Tablet
EMSP-7ITSmart Probe 7″ Industrial Tablet

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